In this program you will Liberate yourself to create wealth step by step through each of your chakras by uncovering and clearing your deepest wealth blocks and karma and instead opening up your magnetic ability to manifest at all 7 levels of your consciousness and power.

This is an energetic and spiritual approach that will truly transform you and your life.

6 POWERFUL AUDIOS guiding you step by step through each of the 7 chakras with Tapping/EFT clearing the blocks to money and wealth and opening up each unique level of personal power and manifestation!

COMPLETE WORKBOOK including transcripts of all the teaching and tapping scripts

7 VIDEO EXERCISES with additional Chakra tapping processes to clear even more aspects of each of the 7 chakras complete with transcripts

THE MONEY SHADOW OF BEING WEALTHY - Breakthrough process on clearing the darkest money shadow that stops us specifically from becoming wealthy.

BRINGING SEXY BACK - An entire second course on the 2nd chakra where money, power and sexuality all connect and impact your energy, passion and personal power.

5 "GOLD SERIES" CLASSES - Additional powerful tapping audios based on the needs of hundreds of our community for very specific and deeper.

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