Are you wondering why you have done a ton of inner work AND worked very hard...

...but still don’t seem to manifest money and wealth that way you truly want (and deserve)?

The answer lies in your blindspots -
the blocked energies of your lower chakras and
all the ways those blocks are limiting your fullest power and ability
to manifest all forms of “reward” including money!

Our lower chakras are CRITICAL to manifesting physical things
(like ACTUAL money)
but they are the biggest blind spots in personal growth and transformation!

In this program you will UNCOVER
what is hiding in your lower chakras and
exactly how that is limiting and/or sabotaging your ability to earn, manage and create money and wealth.

You will then build on this understanding and your personal aha moments by
EXPERIENCING a unique form of EFT/Tapping for each chakra.

Margaret's groundbreaking approach blending Tapping with deeper Chakra work
creates true inner healing at a mind/body/emotional and nervous system level!

As you heal at each chakra level,
you will then experience the true energy and your magnetic ability to manifest
at all 7 chakras - your true levels of your consciousness and power.

This is an energetic and spiritual approach that will truly transform you and your life.

Through this POWERFUL serious of audios, Margaret will guide you step by step to
uncover, heal and transform
at a whole new level!

This is the combined power and promise of blending a deeper chakra journey with Tapping!

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